About Us

PurpleWest Edge is an ecosystem of professors and psychologists who coach the student aspiring for NEET (Medical), JEE (Engineering) and SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test, USA), in a truly personalized way. All our teachers hold PG/PhD degrees and have over 90% success rate and average coaching experience of over 15 years.

PurpleWest Edge is owned and managed by PurpleWest Education and Technologies Pvt Ltd, India
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Our Philosophy

“Every Student is Unique, Every Student is Important”

Why PurpleWest Edge?

Group of Max 5 Students with Unlimited Individual Doubt Classes

As opposed to lecturing, we instill confidence in the students by having discussions. Discussion is a great way of knowing how much a student has learned. it also helps students imagine different scenarios in which a concept could be applied. We, therefore, do not increase our group size to more than 5 students

Customized content and methodology for every student

If a student shows signs of weakness in a specific concept, we push extra drills and practice material specifically to that student and take extra individual classes for that particular concept.

On-Demand Individual Sessions

No two students are alike. It is therefore important for every student to take individual sessions to discuss their specific doubts or areas of improvement. We offer On-Demand individual sessions to every student.

Featured Courses

NEET / JEE Foundation
NEET / JEE Coaching
(US) Training
IBDP Personalized Coaching

Sample Classes

Micro Programs

Gurus With An Edge

PG / Ph.D. Professors of International Repute

Dr. Bani Chatterjee
Gold Medallist in Organic Chemistry, PhD - Applied Chemistry (IIT-Kanpur),
17+ Years of Coaching
Prof. Rajendra Lokhande
M.Sc.- Mathematics from Mumbai University with 20+ years of coaching. Over 85% Success Rate with SAT and JEE
Mr. Mukul Sharma
M.Sc.- Hons (Physics), MA- Education, Associate Member- Aeronautical Society of India, Life Member- Indian Associaton of Physics Teachers
Prof. Karuna Sharma
M.Sc. (Microbiology), Gold Medallist from PAU,
25+ years of coaching
Dr. Navneet Kaur
PhD (Organic Chemistry), 10+ years of coaching
Ms. Gargi Vashisht
M.Com., M.Ed., 24 years of teaching senior classes IB / IGCSE and CBSE Frameworks

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